“Wait, you’re a vegetarian?”

“Wait, you’re a vegetarian?” or “I’m sorry, I forgot you’re a vegetarian,” are comments I usually get when eating around family members or close friends. It’s not something I talk about much outside of it coming up in conversation. It doesn’t feel abnormal to me. It isn’t until my husband mentions it to someone that people realize I don’t eat meat.

I suppose TV shows and movies would like you to think that anyone who is vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian is self-righteous, and sure to guilt you for your love of animal carcasses. I’m positive there’s tons of people like that, but it’s important to me to respect other people’s choices if they respect mine. I’ve met many more pushy meat eaters than self-righteous vegetarians or vegans. I’ve had family members who try to invalidate my preferences with laughable arguments and justifications for their meat eating choices. These conversations usually end with me continuing to be a vegetarian and them continuing to eat meat.

With that said, it is not my goal to convert anyone. I don’t even plan on explaining my reasoning for not eating meat, unless I feel it’s appropriate or necessary. I’m learning how to be a better vegetarian by trying out new recipes and sharing ones that I’ve already mastered. If you’re reading this, welcome, and I’d love for you join me in my journey!


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